Jaf Air

Jaf Air is an artist in residency program from Jatiwangi art factory that provides and support a collaborative space for interdisciplinary artists from Indonesia and abroad to work with local and regional individuals, groups, organizations or institutions on specific projects in focuses of rural-urban issue. The character of an industrial society tends to be aggressive and hard working, and we have discovered many traditional art forms that can also function as tools. In this sense we try to smuggle in contemporary art through local patterns and practices. We invite artists from different backgrounds and nationalities to come and stay with the people of Jatiwangi. They then work in tandem with villagers to locate the potentials, problems and positions of the village through art. They seek further possibilities for what they feel is important for the society. This residency program is a way to gain a free knowledge from invited artists and practitioners in Jatiwangi.

>> Jaf Air programe here. 


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