Age of Wonderland 2017 > Cur:


Since the early 17th century, Java was well known as the world-high-grade coffee producing regions long before the world knew other variants of coffee such as Brazilian, Columbia and others. In addition to that ‘Java’ is nowadays associated with everything related to coffee and even is adopted in lieu of the term of ‘Coffee’. In this Age of Wonderland — 100 Days of Learning, I want to revisit the long journey of Koffie-Stelsel in Java in a cup of Javanese traditional bamboo coffee drip.


On Wednesday, October 25, 2017. 14.00 in Student Hotel Eindhoven was held “Cur: a bamboo coffee brew championship”. I set the time to be late for about 10 minutes. I realized and designed this lateness to more playing with the time. We called this rubber time. This is to generate some flexibility of time. Anyway, as time goes by, the participants come one by one and exceed the planned capacity. But it was fun, because I also want to try to verify the flexibility of the game (championship) itself.

Regarding the limited time of the Championship that set from 14:00–15:30. This is impossible to accommodate all the participants to play and try brew the bamboo coffee with Cur: in this championship. And this is also another fun things, because I decide to make every participants as a winner. At the end everyone can try to brew the bamboo coffee in their own home, because I give this bamboo coffee filter device in a “package” as a present. I know that everybody loves the presents. So then everybody is happy in this Cur: bamboo coffee championship.

Because happy is the first thing to do to learn anything.

>> More images here.

(c) Photos by Hanneke Wetzer.


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