Jaf Air > Fabrikaat – “Fabrick”


Fabrick is a collaborative project between Jatiwangi art Factory and Fabrikaat to gain new insights and to stimulate developments regarding new ways of building and living through social empowerment.

This project is try to develop a new building brick using local know-how, production methods, resources and materials in collaboration with the local community (local rural people, production factory and professionals: craftsmen, (ceramic) artist, architects, developers etc.). Aim is to design 1 – max. 3 design(s) that can be assembled to walls, roofs etc.. From this design a mould will be created. The characteristics of this innovative brick create/ form a relatively accessible and inexpensive method of building inherent: everyone should be able to produce and build with this stone without the use of cement, the expertise of local builders and/ or architects. The function of this stone suits the LAB function of JaF: it is modular, therefore re-usable and applicable to build spaces that suit various functions. The shape of the brick plus the corresponding construction (connector) is designed and developed by the local community with guidance from local professionals (craftsmen, ceramic artists, architects, JaF).


The concept and the product need to be applicable on locations besides the JaF complex/ Jatiwangi region; in Indonesia, the Netherlands and elsewhere. The process and/ or project should be multi applicable to suit various functions or to be further developed in other places/ by other people. Therefore, the universal characteristics of the brick should be taken into account during the design process and communicated clearly to the participants; materials and/ or production method(s) should not be dependant on the specific region of Jatiwangi; they should be replaceable by other materials and/ or production methods available elsewhere.

>> More images here.

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